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The Bravest Project

Kind Fierce Brave Cup Tumbler

Kind Fierce Brave Cup Tumbler

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* Premium Material: The car cup is made of stainless steel material which features a premium quality for daily use or driving.

* Features: Stainless steel healthy material, stable and wear-resistant, it can prevent the lid is highly sealed and water-proof, no smell when exposed to hot water

Dimension: 600ML Large-diameter cup body for a large capacity and smooth inner wall

* Original Artwork: Inspired by you, to remind you of how Kind, Fierce and Brave you are.

* Easy to Carry: Portable storage where the top is wide and the bottom is narrow and is easy to place or scatter when shaking in the car

Care Instruction: It is recommended to clean with cold or hot water for easy cleaning.  When you receive it, please scald it with boiling water before using it to remove the dust generated during the production process of the cup

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