About The Bravest Project

The Bravest Project was born many years ago but it came to life in 2023, with the determination of finally materializing the desire of expressing feelings and accepting that being brave doesn't mean that fear goes away, instead is all about being courageous enough to be yourself and believe in yourself even when it seems like the scariest or more difficult thing to do.

Original gifts, accessories and printed clothing, all featuring original art and embodying the essence of brave women. The Bravest Project online store aims to celebrate all women's everyday bravery, and to convey the message of embracing and loving ourselves and others for who we are, honouring our differences, flaws and wonderful qualities.

These gifts serve as gentle reminders to cherish the perfectly imperfect human beings that we all are and the moments that make life truly extraordinary.

With love,

The Bravest Project by Belyssa Connelly

      The Bravest Project - Belyssa Connelly